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Feb 18, 2011

Malaysia BOLEH. 

Why is it that at places such as malfunctioning traffic light, road repair/construction etc, you can't seem to find the  traffic police?

But when you pass that place, they seem to be standing at the usual highway, that particular long stretch of road, directing the cars which are all travelling the same direction.

Yeah, that is our 1Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh. Gotta say, smart! Directing a congested straight road is definitely better then directing a place where it would help.

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Feb 16, 2011

Oh, how I wish to just disappear from the office, well, I can do that now, I can make a a phony client whom I 'have' to meet, but there is basically nothing to do now. Getting dealers, the problem is, the company don't even have a proper product, let alone the pricing and specs. What if the dealer would like to make an order, do I tell him that we are still in the midst of acquiring the products? But for how long I can say that. Dealers has been pissed off, at me, but its not my fault, if there are products, I will gladly deliver it to you, the issue is I was requested to show you those brochures and seal the deal, and I was expecting the company to place an order early last month and receive the product by mid of this month. But until now, there is still no orders placed, sales staff are getting blame for not getting sales, but how to sell when there is nothing to sell. An easy answer by them is sell what we have, let dealer order what we don't. How on earth will they trust us when they would need to place an order, I mean you have tons of competitor, and your product ain't the cheapest, the best, in fact it is always out-dated, expensive, ugly and faulty! Why order for  such a thing and wait for a month+ when they can go get it from the competitors within an hour!


Oct 26, 2010

I know the movie isn't out yet in Malaysia, but lets just say I was in Mid Valley last night watching it!

And this is what I got for going there yesterday.

No, its not just a silver brick, its a

No, it ain't a pencil case! Have you guess it?

Its a Pen-like screwdriver. I wonder do they use these for robberies? Oppsss, lets not spoil it for you who haven't watch it yet.

Though this was not the thing that I wanted, lets just quote from the movie, can't really remember the exact line, but it goes something like this: 'We're Takers'

This was my pass, I believe you can watch this movie starting on the 28th October 2010.
And somehow its my number, 13, even my MMU (Cyber) Jersey is 13, as well as my old And One Jersey.

Ok, I was fortunate enough to be invited by Nuffnang to join this premier

So thanks Nuffnang for the ticket but so-so only for the gift

These were  among the other gifts, though I don't see where my gifts fall under.
- 5 x Limited Edition Takers Laptop Sleeve
- 5 x Limited Edition Takers Belt Looped Key Holder
- 5 x Limited Edition Takers Travelling Clock

Ok, enough with the above, now lets get into the movie. the star line-up is very very good: 
Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Jay Hernandez, Micheal Elay, Tip "T.I" Harris, with Chris Brown and Hayden Christensen.

Alright, if you are like me, most likely the only name that stood out was Paul Walker from Fast and Furious, and Chris Brown. Hehe.

The whole movie revolves around thieves, not your ordinary thieves, these bunch are high profile type, they hit fast and hard, does their research properly and they are brilliant, especially how they escaped on the FEDCAL heist! Well, how did they managed to escaped from a heist in a building which they have disabled the lift, you gotta go watch it.

My conclusion is that this movie is good, real good, though predictable but it is still a good movie to be enjoyed. 

The story is nice with a rather similair ending to the first fast and furious. Hehe. Thats all, for more, go read other review that might reveal more, I will just say that, reading anymore and it will spoil the movie for you. 

Mar 21, 2010

I wonder is this a genius idea or merely a prank for the dead. Anyway, from a marketing point of view, it is awesome!

Mar 2, 2010

Why my life fails so miserably!!

I was so damn pissed at the big fat bitch of FOM Cafe, your food ain't that nice, you have received complains numerous times (it still bizzares me why Admin or BU not taking any actions against her tyrant actions!!), but you are still the same. there are two things in which really pissed me off, I knew she overcharge people all these while, and thus I have been avoiding FOM Cafe for more or less one year.

When the price is shown to you, that is the price you pay, so imagine I was waiting her to key in all the figures, then she turned her calculator to me showing me the amount I have to pay, I purposely waited till she turned it then only told her what drinks I order, then she took her calculator back and pressed again, the total was RM3.40, which is pretty fair for me since I took maggi with egg and Limau Ais (Chilled Lime Juice).

Then I reached into my wallet and getting 40cents out of my pouch to pay, I paid RM50.40, so logically she should accept my money and pay me back RM47 right, NO!! Instead of taking my money, she freakingly took back her calculator and start pressing again, and god knows how, now the total is RM4.30. I was like WTF WTF WTF!!! But since there was tons of people queueing, I decided to just shut the FnCK nP and move along, soon my friend joined me and I asked him how much was his since what he took was the exact same thing as mine except he don't have drinks. His plate cost RM4.00!! Wanna see the difference?


My Friend's plate

Just because he took about 20-30% more maggi than me, it cost him RM4.00 when mine was RM4.30 include a drink, which was supposed to be RM3.40 in the first place. 

Then my friend mentioned he saw someone inside taking a mountain of rice, so we pay attention to that guy and his friend (we assume they are new students, which in the end we guessed right), we couldn't see how much did it cost for his friend, but for that guy, it cost him RM9.00 (without Drinks)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want to know what he took? A mountain of RICE, ONE VEGE, ONE PIECE OF CHICKEN BREAST!! And probably some gravy to go with the rice. Why we know its RM9, because he was holding a piece of 

and all he got back was a piece of 

So you do the Math.

Upon joining his table of friends, he was pissed off, yelling and cursing etc with his friends. Before we left, we made it a point to pass by their table just to get a peek on the food that he took, no matter how we look at it, at most it should cost RM6, RM7 is really pushing it, but RM9!! WTFFF

So issues of the day
1) RM3.40 can be suddenly changed into RM4.30 just because I paid using an RM50

2) Slightly increase in portion and the price has increased by a lump

3) Extra rice + vege + chicken breast = RM9.00

Feb 23, 2010

F'd up team!

Just when I thought I was able to gather a good team, this dude gave me tons of trouble. Lucky the GENTLE GIANT was friendly enough to assure me he is playing. He shall be considered as my trump card. Lucky the Mongolians was also good enough to confirm with me everything, just too bad one of them can't play due to insufficient cash.